Tax Preparation

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Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation | Cassler Accounting Service PLLC : AZ, Tucson

At Cassler Accounting Service PLLC, you will find that we are able to provide tax preparation and planning services for both personal and business purposes. Our company works hard to ensure that we have all of the latest information concerning federal, state and local taxes that is pertinent to the specific needs of our clients. We guarantee that when working with Cassler Accounting Service PLLC you will always receive personal attention customized to your individual and business tax service needs.

Services available through our company for your needs concerning personal taxes include:
• Preparations for federal, state and local tax returns
• Strategies for gift planning
• Financial planning and preparations for the development of strategies allowing you to meet personal and family goals
• Retirement planning complete with tax-advantaged strategies
• Tax law changes preparations
• Tax projection assistance for annual and quarterly tax payments

At Cassler Accounting Service PLLC, we have the experience and knowledge to handle the financial and tax services for all types of businesses that are found throughout Tucson. We have the ability to handle the needs of businesses including healthcare, not-for-profit, distribution, retail, insurance, restaurants, professional services, real estate entities, and investment companies. Our accountants have a full understanding of the laws at all levels concerning the financial aspects of companies within these businesses as well as many others. We are always eager to help other companies throughout the area experience the benefits that our services can provide for them.

The expertise that Cassler Accounting Service PLLC has to offer businesses throughout Tucson and surrounding Arizona businesses include:
• Estimated quarterly tax calculations
• Entity selection and optimization
• Company benefits planning
• State and Local Tax planning solutions
• Representation for IRS and state dispute resolutions and private letter rulings
• Sales, property and use tax calculations
• State tax filing and multi-state tax compliance preparations
• C Corp, S Corp and Partnership tax planning and preparations