Business Taxes

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Business Taxes

Business Taxes | Cassler Accounting Service PLLC : AZ, Tucson

Planning business taxes is the process where a business tries to minimize tax liabilities, which is important in just about every country. Profits are almost always subject to a tax, but so are corporate assets, employee benefits and acquisitions. By allowing us to work with you for planning business taxes, you can structure your organization in a way to maximize your deductions and minimize how much you pay in taxes.

There is no one universal way to plan for taxes; it is more of a methodology, and what works for one company may not be the right solution for another. The same techniques are not viable across borders, either, as the laws vary by jurisdictions, corporation type, size and operating scale. For example, if you have a limited liability partnership, you have different taxes than an incorporated business. We can work with you to find the best protocol for your company.

When we plan, we take into consideration your assets and estimate your liabilities far in advance of the deadline for payment. We will rigorously study your exclusions, deductions and possible loopholes, allowing for time to reshuffle some debt to get tax breaks whenever possible.

While you could run your business without this kind of planning, we do not recommend it. It is difficult to meet tax codes, but they are structured in a way that businesses who make sound investments are rewarded the most. Companies without this knowledge often miss opportunities without the right investments.

We can help you with all of your business tax planning needs. We work with management and explain the tax rules that govern the area and recommend what needs to change in order to maximize profits. Changes can either come as plans for enhanced operating or restructuring finances, liabilities and assets. We can work with your staff, no matter if your company is large or small.